Coimbra by Dan Zink Coimbra by RiCArdO JorGe FidALGo Coimbra dos estudantes by Jsome1 Coimbra - University by wordman1 Coimbra by Graça Vargas Até breve Coimbra! by Pó d'Águacoimbra republica by mikiamowolf coimbra_006 by P Figueiredo Coimbra by Graça Vargas Coimbra by Graça Vargas coimbra santa clara by mikiamowolf Coimbra by Graça Vargas Coimbra by Graça Vargas Coimbra (Portugal) by Portuguese_eyes Coimbra_Nk_UC_mineralogia by VRfoto Coimbra by Graça Vargas Coimbra by CGoulao Coimbra_Nk_botanico02 by VRfoto

All images were taken from Flickr. You are able to see them in full resolution at the ETEN Coimbra Flickr Galerie

Cancelation Policy:

  • If, for any reason, you will have to cancel your registration the organizing committee will refund 80% of your registration fee.

Gala Dinner information:

  • Since the venue for the Gala Dinner changed and the costs for the new location are inferior, the organizing commitee will refund the diference for those who paid previously.
  • For those still interested in signing in for the Gala Dinner the deadline is April 19th and the maximum seating capacity is 100.